Debris Map

Everybody knows that there is litter and debris all along the shores of Rhode Island, but the question when seeking to clean it up effectively is, “How much is there and what areas need it most?” During the winter of 2016-17, Clean Bays set out to do a thorough survey of the shores of Narragansett and Mt Hope Bays, the South coast of the state, and the various rivers. Working mostly on foot, often in sub-freezing temperatures, nearly three quarters of the shoreline was surveyed, resulting in four thousand pictures of garbage that needs removal. This interactive map shows a sampling of the debris in each area surveyed.



There are some heavy iron bits and pieces lying around.

South Kingstown

South Kingstown Jamestown Bridge to Bonnet Shores This rocky stretch of coastline has a moderate accumulation of bits of wood […]

North Kingstown

North Kingstown Jamestown Bridge North toward Wickford. Here are many small wrecks among the grasses, and some ugly garbage tossed […]

South Jamestown

These concrete gun placements may be unstable, and one is filled with garbage.

North Jamestown

Can't figure out what the thing on the left was...


Wickford Between Quonset and North Kingstown The are some very large timbers here, washed deep into the shoreside grass, as […]

Allen’s Harbor

The strange object is a radome from an AF Guardian anti-submarine airplane!


Warwick North shore of Greenwich Bay and all the inlets. This area has a very heavy concentration of every kind […]


Poppasquash The west shore of Bristol Harbor and Colt State Park Here there are long stretches with no debris, highlighted […]


The ghostly shape to the right was once a small boat. This pond is thick with nasty old car tires.


This camel has wiggled into a very out-of-the-way corner near the Bristol Narrows.


  These tire rafts are used as wavebreaks.  Sadly, they often break loose and find their way ashore. Tidal salt […]

Fall River

Fall River West shore of the Taunton River. This place is second-to-none for nauseating garbage. Like Roy Schneider said in […]

South Providence & Cranston

There should be a prize for guessing how many pilings are here.

East Portsmouth

East Portsmouth Sakonnet River shore and Mt. Hope Bay Quite a lot of fishing gear and derelict dock floats.


Sachuest Area around Sachuest Point, Middletown. There is very little here--barely one boatload. Good job, Middletown!

Island Park

Island Park The Cove bounded by Island Park and Rt. 24 This area has the heaviest concentration of junk in […]

West Portsmouth

It looks like a fort, a ticket booth, and pirate ship. What it all means is anybody's guess. Were these […]

Gould Island

Gould Island This island lies between the Claiborne Pell bridge and Prudence Island. Gould Island is owned in part by […]

Hope Island

Hope Island "Hope is the anchor of the soul" Hope Island has a couple dozen HUGE timbers on the NE […]

Prudence Island

Prudence Island Including Patience as well. Prudence and her little sister Patience receive a lot of the flotsam washing up […]

Dutch Island

Dutch Island Lying in the West Passage at the entrance to Dutch Harbor. This area is pretty clean, with most […]

Gould Island

Gould Island Sakonnet River

Providence River

Providence & Seekonk River Including Port of Providence. This is our current project area: much of this has been cleaned […]