During the summer of 2017, Clean the Bay removed close to 71 tons of heavy debris from the shores of East Providence and the Seekonk River. Cleanup of the 14-mile project area was done in partnership with NOAA, Lighthouse Marina in Barrington, Foley Dumpster of East Providence, and the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation. One captain and two crew—one full-time, one part-time—spent eight months chainsawing timbers, pilings and heavy planks into pieces that could be carried aboard the workboat by hand, and later unloaded by hand into a 30-yard dumpster. By the end of the summer, 25 dumpsters had been filled, several dozen saw chains worn out, and five small wrecked boats removed. Nearly a dozen washed-up sections of floating dock were disposed of as well.
The project continues in the summer of 2017, with the crew wondering, what will they find out there this year?

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